Frequently Asked Questions

How do home deliveries operate?

  1. All newspaper home deliveries are made by a driver throwing the publication from a moving motor vehicle.
  2. Whilst every endeavour is made to have the Newspaper land in an easily accessible position on your property Newspapers may end up in a variety of locations. Please bear in mind that obstacles & conditions such a sloping driveways, fences, garden lights, ponds and numerous vehicles in or around the property can have an adverse effect on where the publications finally come to rest.
  3. The main newspapers we deliver are The West Australian, Sunday Times & Albany Advertiser however, there are a wide range of newspapers that can be delivered please see our publications list for more information or contact the office.
  4. Albany News Delivery also home delivers weekly and monthly magazines. These publications are thrown along with the Newspaper or can be setup as a standalone subscription.
  5. We endeavour to complete all Newspapers deliveries by 7am each day. Issues such as late delivery from The West Australian or Sunday Times, inclement weather and various driver issues can affect delivery times. Please check our homepage & Facebook page for delivery updates.

Why is your newspaper missing?

  1. It may be that the printing of the newspapers were delayed, the truck from Perth is running behind schedule or our drivers are delayed due to unforeseen circumstances. Please allow at least 60 minutes after your normal delivery time for your paper to arrive before calling our office on 98 411 500.
  2. If there are major delays Albany News Delivery will update the answering machine message, website home page & Facebook page with the details.
  3. Please be aware if you have an issue, other customers may have an issue therefore you may be asked to leave a message.
  4. A different delivery driver may have thrown your paper and it could have landed in a different location on your property. Please check your property and surrounding area.
  5. It may be that your subscription or your account has been suspended due to non-payment of invoices. If you believe this is the case please pay all outstanding invoices and contact the office to recommence deliveries.
  6. Your newspaper may have been stolen

What to do if you can’t find your morning delivery

Mon to Friday: Call our office on 98 411 500 and leave a message stating your name, address and what publication is missing. If the matter is urgent please call the on-call mobile 0474 230 085.

Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays: Call our on-call mobile 0474 230 085, if there is no answer please leave a message stating your name, address and what publication is missing.

Albany News Delivery will endeavour where possible to redeliver all missed or stolen newspapers in a timely fashion. Please bear in mind our delivery drivers may have gone home to sleep so our redeliveries are carried out by a separate driver. Where possible we endeavour to have all redeliveries completed by 10.30am.

What if I can’t wait until 10.30am for my paper to be redelivered?

You can state on the telephone message or tell one of our team members that you do not want the newspaper redelivered and we will place a credit on your account. Alternatively you could send an email with the details and we will credit your account.

Can I email Queries?

Yes, please email us at
At any time and we will address your concern.

Please note emails are only checked during normal business hours 9am to 4pm Monday to Friday. If your query is urgent or relates to a missed or stolen newspaper on the weekend please call 0474 230 085.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Direct Accounts with Albany News Delivery are from Monday to Sunday inclusive and must be paid within 7 days. Deliveries may be discontinued without notice on overdue accounts. We reserve the right to utilise a debt collector. Any fees and charges incurred in the collection of overdue invoices will be added to your account.
  2. No Credits will be processed for missing publications reported after 24 hours.
  3. Bank Cheque collection fees and credit card merchant fees may be charged to the customer’s account at the discretion of the distributor.
  4. Please do not leave messages with your payment. Any alterations or adjustment to your deliveries should be made by email or telephone. Any changes to your order made within 7 days of the last date of this invoice, will appear on your next statement.
  5. Please allow sufficient clearance at the front of your property for the delivery of publications as they can be difficult to control when thrown from a moving vehicle. Please consider the placement of precious valuables on the front of your property.
  6. Publications with missing parts are classified as a faulty product and the publisher needs to be contacted to rectify the issue or to obtain a credit.
  7. By accepting deliveries you hereby agree to these terms and conditions

Payment Options

Electronic Transfer
A/C Name Albany News Delivery
BSB: 016 452
A/C Number: 388 516 416
Please use your Surname and Account Number as a reference

By Mail
Please send remittance slip and cheque to PO Box 460 Albany WA 6331.

Locked Boxes
All payments must be submitted in a sealed envelope containing remittance slip & cheque or cash.
Spencer Park News Spencer Park Shopping Centre
Front Page News North Road Shopping Centre
Lower King Store Lower King Road

Credit Card
Please see the reverse of your invoice for Credit Card payment details, alternatively please call the office and we will process your payment over the phone.